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Mallorca, where the world meets

Arts figures, globetrotters and those just open to the world: on Mallorca they’ll all feel instantly at home. They’ll draw new inspiration. And they’ll have no thought of retiring any time soon: with its varied nature and its deft blend of the traditional and the present-day, the island is a wellspring of creativity and a genuine lust for life.

Mercedes Korzeniowski-Kneule
Reto Guntli and Agi Simoes

Mallorca, always a new discovery.

You may have wondered what draws nobility, actors, artists, star chefs, entrepreneurs and pleasure seekers to Mallorca. What is it about this island with an area of 3,603 square kilometres that attracts people from all over the world? Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Moors – in ancient times, too, Mallorca was the most important island of the Mediterranean.

One of the La Seu Cathedral's many names is Cathedral of Light. Probably the only such building in the world standing at the ocean's edge, it should really be called Cathedral of the Sea.

The “Financial Times” ranks Mallorca among the places with the highest quality of life. The Balearic island is Spain’s economic engine. Its businesses are successful worldwide, and the established start-up scene attracts young entrepreneurs. Perhaps because of the island’s central location and its excellent connections to Europe’s capital cities? The combination of mountains, crystal-clear water and the few secluded coves that remain away from the busy beaches? Or the peace and quiet and simplicity, paired with unforgettable natural scenery, cultural heritage and outstanding gastronomy? All these things conspire to lend the island its unique radiance.

Let your mind wander, feel the wind in your face and relax into a quiet sense of happiness. Roxy Beach in Portals Nous is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.
Carthaginians once sailed the seas with these boats. To this day, the IIauts are built with superb craftsmanship.
Paradise by the sea: The brand new Purobeach Illetas is one of the the island's most beautiful beach clubs. It's location and its views of the ocean are unbeatable (

Devotees of contemporary art and culture know that Mallorca is home to one of most multifaceted art centres – CCA Andratx. Other attractions include the annual Evolution Film Festival as well as an excellent symphony orchestra.

Watch concerts conducted by Pablo Mielgo, the director of the Balearic Symphony Orchestra:

Pablo Mielgo Vimeo channel

Boats continue to be built using elaborate methods of craftsmanship that date back to ancient times when the Carthaginians sailed the seas. Besides embracing innovation and luxury, the people of Mallorca are careful to preserve their traditions and their heritage. Only thanks to the skilful merging of modernity and tradition was it possible to convert historical buildings into small, exclusive hotels. Mallorca offers an exquisite combination of luxury and simplicity while preserving its own unique spirit, and extends an invitation to visitors to discover the island’s beauty for themselves.

Mallorca's oldest high quality winery: Today Son Bordils is owned by the two brothers Ramón and Pedro Coll Pastor.
It is wonderfully quiet behind the historical walls of the Hotel Cap Rocat, and the view across the bay of Palma is spectacular.
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1 You became the director of Palacio Ca Sa Galesa in 2000. Thanks to you, the hotel has become a household name around the world. What is your key to success?

The entire palace from the 16th century is furnished with original antiques. A valuable collection of Spanish artwork is arranged throughout the rooms of the hotel. So you see, we are a palace museum! 21st-century luxury is present, for example, in the state-of-the art wellness and spa area. At the Palacio Ca Sa Galesa, every guest receives individual attention at all hours. Our service is set to the rhythm of our guests’ activities and needs. We take luxury to a new level!

2 The hotel features twelve exclusive rooms, each offering the highest standard of luxury. Where do guests find privacy?

As soon as they step through the Mallorcan palace gate, our guests enjoy total privacy. There is no reception; each guest is welcomed personally. This personal service makes guests feel at home. Maximum comfort and privacy are guaranteed throughout the hotel.

3 The Palacio Ca Sa Galesa is located in the middle of the island’s capital Palma, a city that has undergone significant changes in the past years. What is your own experience of these changes?

Ten years ago, I hoped that the city would evolve. Today, I am proud and grateful that we have become so well known throughout Europe. Palma is easy to explore and has a rich cultural scene. Locals and tourists get on well together.

4 Your guests enjoy a very personal service from the moment they arrive. That must require a large number of professional staff?

All hotel employees are involved in a process of continuing education to ensure that each guest benefits from the highest professional standards. Our guests’ comfort is our top priority.

5 What do you think makes Mallorca so appealing?

The climate, the short distances and the island’s uniqueness. Mallorca takes visitors by surprise with its diversity, multicultural society and hospitality. These qualities are ever-present. That’s what makes Mallorca so attractive.

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