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Parrot Cay: This must be Paradise

Irina von Gagern
Reto Guntli

In our time, true luxury is not a shred of gold leaf on your mousse au chocolat, but the peace and tranquillity you find in a spot of exceptional beauty. Parrot Cay, a private island in the Caribbean, is such a place. Culinary pleasures included.

The best part about Parrot Cay is the solitude. The beach with its powdery white sand is almost deserted. A friendly waiter serves drinks while you gaze out onto the turquoise coloured sea. Neither tankers nor motorboats spoil the view. Such divine peace! Parrot Cay belongs to the Turks and Caicos Islands, two hours from Miami by plane. The islet covers 4 square kilometres and is home to the Como hotel with 63 rooms and 12 private villas. Some villas are available for rent – such as Bruce Willis’s The Residence. A main house with two guest villas and a huge pool, all located on a private bay, costs 40,000 US dollars – per night. Rolling Stone Keith Richards and designer Donna Karan live right next door. Hotel rooms are available from 900 US dollars. The Como hotel’s gigantic spa is legendary and has won several prizes. Almost all the employees come from Bali and radiate a serenity which is highly contagious. If it takes your fancy, seek out the adjacent yoga pavilion with views of the mangroves to meditate and unwind before dinner. Two masterful chefs serve up mostly local cuisine. Who needs gold leaf in paradise?

Cocktails at the pool? Each villa has its own butler who is happy to pamper his guests.
‍This is where Bruce Willis likes to relax with his family. He owns the island’s largest villa: The Residence.
‍Guests can experience all kinds of yoga at Parrot Cay, including underwater yoga.
‍Before-dinner drinks at the beach bar. Besides the usual classics, fresh fruit cocktails mixed from a secret recipe are served here.
‍The Residence, the beachfront villa owned by Bruce Willis and situated in a private bay, is available for rent.
‍Pure romance. No wonder this is a favourite spot for honeymooners.
‍Masterful chefs serve up local cuisine.
‍Most guests want to escape from their daily routine while maintaining a level of comfort.
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