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Professor Dr. Bodo W. Lambertz, inexhaustible source for ingenious ideas, is a man of vision. For the clients of his think tank X-Technology Swiss and for his own personal projects, he turns it into action. His latest coups: havens of lifestyle and sports in Slovakia and the Caribbean.

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“Holidays? My projects are pure relaxation for me.”

We meet Bodo Lambertz in his house in Wollerau, Switzerland, high above Lake Zurich. Sitting on his terrace, the internationally renowned researcher and inventor enjoys the rural tranquillity of his home town and company seat. Despite his constant travels around the globe, there are no traces of stress on the face of the tireless professional thinker. Quite the contrary. You can see it in the beaming expression on his face: his brain has just sent another flash of genius that he will undoubtedly turn into reality. His recent passion revolves around exclusive leisure and sports empires. In Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), the luxurious Apani Residence has opened its doors to guests, the brand-new sailing yacht X-BIONIC® and the state-of-the-art motor yacht x-bionic® sphere on sea are afloat and in the Slovakian town of Samorin, the multifunctional high-tech sports hotel x-bionic® sphere attracts thousands of visitors. 

Exotic Caribbean paradise meets Western luxury with a clear consciencs. Sustainably built based on the Apani philosophy, the residence is the ultimate carefree retreat for families and friends.

All of his ventures – on land and at sea – are high-profile projects. For the industrial engineer, however, no reason to limit access to high-profile guests. Not his style. Not at all. For the father of the internationally successful premium sports gear brand X-BIONIC®, empathy and the desire to share are the driving forces. “My goal was to create spheres of lifestyle and pleasure, where people from all backgrounds can spend days of relaxation, fun, sports and pure joy.”

Just a little hop from the villa to the boat: a special treat for guests. Welcome aboard and ahoy! The luxurious X-BIONIC® sailing yacht is a dream for every water sports enthusiast and invites for relaxing cruises on the clear blue sea.


Our host takes us on a mental journey to Punta Cana, the paradise-like holiday region on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. Nestled in the untouched environment of the Punta Cana Resort & Club by the Caribbean Sea, the Apani Residence Tortuga Bay is ready for occupancy. The trademark Apani® (As Pure as Nature Intended) is based on the philosophy of the same name, whose pillars are based on the set of values of sustainability, respect, friendship and community. The consequential question was: “How can one create an attractive framework, that allows the founders of the movement to share their privileges with as many people as possible as well as the growing community of shared values?” The answer: by making the beautiful things in life accessible for people to enjoy. The residence can house up to twelve people and is free of charge to members of Apani Family & Friends. Merely the costs for provisions and the service staff have to be paid by the guests. The colonial-style building has undergone a complete technical and aesthetic remodelling. “Swiss-German to the last light switch and no air conditioning – the only one of its kind in the Caribbean,” Lambertz tells us joyously. The good souls of the house provide the “all-round worry-free feeling” and even take care of airport transfers as well as customs and passport control. “This completely private oasis is intended as a retreat for body and mind, where friends, couples and families can spend a wonderful time together and just be happy.” In 2017, the residence will become even more attractive to water sports enthusiasts as the private sailing yacht X-BIONIC® will drop anchor literally at its doorstep.

In the x-bionic® gymnastic sphere, professional athletes train in perfect conditions. It is also fit for training and promoting young talents.


Change of course. We’re in Slovakia. “Here we have reached our goal to make the good things in life accessible to thousands of people. Together with my Apani friend and partner Mario Hoffman, I have developed and realised the luxurious sports hotel x-bionic® sphere. It is safe to say that this multifunctional complex in Samorin, a little town on the Danube, is the most ambitious project of its kind. The abundance of facilities in this all-season sports and leisure world combines competitive sports, fun and relaxation and caters to professional as well as amateur athletes, teams, families, health and wellness seekers, companies and congress parties. “X-bionic® sphere is home to some of the world’s best training facilities and meets the demands of both athletes and the general public.” Thus it is no surprise that Lambertz has big plans for the multifunctional complex: to become a big international player in the field of professional competitive sports. On over one million square metres, professional facilities can stage 27 different Olympic sports – among them are one of the world’s biggest and most modern riding halls and a swimming pool of Olympic dimensions. 

With its Olympic scale, the state-of-the-art riding centre, part of the gigantic leisure, sports and event centre x-bionic® sphere in Slovakia, is considered one of the best in the world and serves as venue for professional international competitions.
The x-bionic® racing sphere is all about speed. Close to the country's biggest professional racing track Slovakia Ring, visitors can set their personal best lap time or experience a dramatic race from the spectator's stand.

With 1,150 beds distributed over 2- to 5-star rooms and suites, various bars, lounges and exclusive restaurants, including one Apani restaurant, the X-Bionic® hotel too, is equipped to meet the highest standards. The fourth in line of Lambertz’ latest projects is the luxurious motor yacht x-bionic® sphere on sea, which invites Family & Friends for leisure cruises and events. Currently, the cruiser is anchored at the X-Bionic® Yachting Club in Punta Ala (Italy). And what about your holiday plans, Professor? “Holidays? My projects are pure relaxation for me.”

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