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Isola Santa Cristina: Welcome to your private island

Photos: Christoph Kern

Heaven on earth: Isola Santa Cristina. Rent your own private island, just a stone’s throw from Venice. Pure enjoyment, eco-luxury style.

Just over a year ago, René and Sandra Deutsch restored the private island belonging to the Swarovski family to new life by treating an exclusive eco-luxury holiday island available for rent. Nine comfortable rooms await their guests at the heart of a green oasis of calm and vitality. The island has its own fish farm and fruit and vegetable gardens, allowing guests to experience the luxury of self-subsistence. There is now also a fantastic new wine, Venusa, produced by Venissa and made from grapes grown on the island. An exclusive slow food catering service is available on Isola Santa Cristina, for guests who wish to dine like kings. Alternatively they can visit the authentic gourmet restaurants on the neighbouring island Burano. One of the island’s special highlights is a beautiful chapel, the perfect place for romantic and unforgettable weddings. Isola Santa Cristina is located 25 minutes from Venice and 45 minutes from the airport. It is not only a unique holiday paradise, but can also be booked for events, retreats, workshops, or simply for a relaxing stay to unwind with family and friends.

The island comes with a spacious villa, swimming pool and rooftop altana that boasts sweeping lagoon vistas.
‍Isola Santa Cristina’s private boat, the “Ammiana”, seats 15 guests.
‍Villa Ammiana with its nine rooms and three outdoor terraces.
‍The master suite comes with a walk-in dressing room, and majestic views over the lagoon.
‍With its traditional fireplace, the covered terrace is perfect for dining outdoors in every season of the year.
‍At the end of a lane of cypress trees, the ancient chapel is a romantic ceremony venue.
‍Massimo repairs the nets after a long night fishing in the lagoon.
‍A typical and locally sourced seafood menu at the Trattoria al Gatto Nero in Burano.
At Trattoria al Gatto Nero, Chef Ruggero Bovo (right) poses with his wife Lucia and staff after earning a Cappello from the “Espresso” restaurant guide.
‍Matteo Bisol (left) and René Deutsch present “Venusa” wine by Venissa, a red wine produced with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Isola Santa Cristina.

Restaurants Burano:

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