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The best by Sharon Stone

Glamorous film star, the face of Italian jewellery brand Damiani and an intelligent woman deeply committed to humanitarian causes – Sharon Stone gave SWISS Universe an exclusive interview which answers the question: “What’s your best?”

Susanne von Meiss

The best moment of your life?

The best personal moment was when my children were born. The best professional moment was my Oscar nomination (Best Actress in “Casino”). I was in bed, wanted to sleep through it. My house telephone was on the floor next to my bed. I knew when one line lights up it’s a friend to tell me “that’s it”. Now there was a light and then another one ...and another one ... suddenly all the lines lit up. Oh my God! I jumped out of my bed and went berserk. (She plays this moment and starts to shout and scream.)

The best motto?

It’s not about how you fall, but how you get up again.

The best advice for young people?

Understand that peace is not a noun, it is a verb! Peace means action, not just being around. We all have an overall commitment in life and we should be aware of this commitment every day. So pick your trash up from the floor! Each minuscule action of each single person affects the world and might have a big impact. The chaos theory exists in every moment of our life ... so think about this!

The best idea?

Adopting my children. But that did not just happen. It was a very complex decision. In order to get it right, I talked to a lot of women who went through the process and shared their experience with me.

Best travel destination?

Definitively Bora Bora (Polynesian island in the South Pacific). I was invited by the Damiani family, with whom I’ve been working for nine years. But I wasn’t really interested. I didn’t want to go on vacation because I am often abroad. But when I saw the island I was amazed. Everything looked exactly like in the magazines – just incredibly beautiful. I was so enthusiastic that I immediately went back to Bora Bora three times – a dream come true.

Best humanitarian engagement?

There is no best engagement. Engagement is universal. I work with amfAR for Aids research and prevention, together with my sister for the poor and homeless and now I’ve committed myself – together with the Damiani family – to clean water in Uganda. I wish – and we are fighting for it – that the local Diamond Information Council would spend 1 per cent on clean water in the area. So many people die of cholera. We have to prevent this!

The best about growing older?

That we do not have to be girls and boys anymore. That we are women and men ... that we are allowed to be ladies and gentlemen and can behave accordingly – no dresses for little girls anymore, no bad teenage behaviour anymore! It is a huge gift to be able to get older. Accept this gift with a lot of dignity! I am not young anymore – and so what!

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