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Terry’s seduction

Shallowness vs profundity, light vs shade, colour vs emptiness – Terry Rodgers, the painter who narrated America’s story of decadence and excess in the 90s, now tackled the sirens. In crystal glass for Lalique.

Susanne von Meiss
Estelle Rodgers

“Crystal acts as a mirror that brings to light the hidden aspects of reality in distorted reflections.”

Famous for capturing the hedonistic lifestyle of the last millennium in the subtlest way in his large-scale realistic oil paintings, American painter Terry Rodgers has now tackled a new material: crystal glass. Like in his expressive colourful tableaus, which reflect the futile dreams of a society enslaved by consumerism and obsessed with beauty and eternal youth, the 70-year-old painter has once again seized the theme of seduction with his series of vases for crystal glass maker Lalique. The collection named “Les Sirènes” comprises black, purple, green and dark blue vases, each encircled by the nine sirens. The sultry beauties are a reinterpretation of the dance of the bacchantes, a theme that crystal legend René Lalique portrayed on his iconic vases from 1927. 

‍Creative mind: The works of Terry Rodgers represent a glamorous and decadent, yet isolated world. To him, human nudity is the prefect metaphor for the yearning for a better life.

The quest for balance

“What is the meaning of life?“, “What are we lacking?“, “What seduces us?“, “What is our desire?“: These are some of the questions that the American painter, film-maker and photographer has been asking himself since the dawn of his career. His contemporary character studies have always reflected the search for this totality – the satisfaction of the superficies on the one hand and the desire for meaningful existence on the other. Working with crystal glass adds a third dimension to Terry Rodgers’ quest for balance: “Crystal acts as a mirror that brings to light the hidden aspects of reality in distorted reflections. This is what I want to express through my art: the fragile balance between our internal and external life.”

Uncovering the all-embracing beauty: Terry Rodgers carves his design of the seductive sirens in modelling clay.
Homage to René Lalique: The exclusive edition of crystal glass vases is limited to eight pieces of each colour. 

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