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The Es Fangar winery is one of the most beautiful organic farms on Mallorca. In an oasis of peace, surrounded by unspoilt nature, Peter and Sabine Eisenmann offer luxurious vacation bungalows, breed magnificent horses and grow top-quality wines and the finest olives.

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“This is an ideal location for really top-notch wines.”

This dream destination lies in the south-east of the Spanish island not far from the little town of Felanitx. The historic estate of Es Fangar, with its extensive vineyards, has been owned by entrepreneurs Peter and Sabine Eisenmann since 2001. “The abandoned farm thrilled us from the moment we laid eyes on it. Although its 1,000 hectares were five times more land than we were planning on and we knew getting it up and running would take an enormous amount of effort.” The Swiss riding enthusiasts and nature lovers moved into the finca together with their four children and 20 horses of different breeds and got down to some serious work. Fourteen years on, the entire estate shines in new-found glory and has become a model ecological agricultural operation, which is causing quite a furore. And anyone who comes to this idyllic nature reserve – with or without a horse – and stays in one of its luxuri­ous holiday hideaways can experience right up close how noble Hanoverians are trained to become dressage champions.

Indigenous grape varieties AND WILD OLIVES

Heading the list of products that bear the Es Fangar logo are wines and oils. Vintner Daniel Morales Rodríguez calls on a lifetime of experience to ensure the sustainable cultivation of the soil and vines. Seven indigenous varieties of grape, including Callet, Manto Negro, Gorgollassa and Prensal, bear witness to the fact that the Romans once planted vines here. To these have been added internationally proven varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat de Malaga and Muscat Fortignan.

“This is an ideal location for really top-notch wines,” explains the oenologist enthusiastically, indicating the seemingly endless fields of vines with a sweep of his arm. A very unusual bottle was specially designed to hold the estate’s “Twenty Twelve” wines, but the attraction of this successful 2012 vintage is far more than just visual, according to Rodríguez. The finca’s monovarietal oils are also top of their class, with “Picual” and “Arbequina” being particularly popular delicacies. The latter has already won an award as the “Best Spanish olive oil”. Super highlight of the range is the “Oli d’ullastre” which is unique throughout the world.


There are 90 horses currently living on the Es Fangar stud, most of which are from certified breeding programmes. Both the climate and the region are ideal for rearing and keeping the classic Hanoverian breed. “They have 480 hectares of pasture where they can run free and graze throughout the year,” explains stud director Patrick Kofler who manages operations. Grouped according to age, sex, mothers and foals, the animals enjoy open-air shelters and shady trees on the pastures, areas of shell sand to roll in and automatic drinkers to ensure their well-being. Every day, there is training on one of the outdoor dressage areas, after which all the horses are showered down thoroughly. Now and again, their schedule includes a run through the aquatrainer or a session in the solarium. A smithy and veterinary clinic complete the facilities in this equestrian Eden. The lo­gical result: the collection of trophies grows ever larger amid the oriental furnish­ings of the riders’ room.

The main crops produced in the ecological farm in Felanitx are wine and oil from both almonds and olives. The Eisenmann family are the proprietors of the German company of the same name, which specialises in plant en­gineering. Figures for the finca: 480 hectares of stud farm, 64 hectares of vineyards, 456 hectares of other land. Workforce: 65, including some 20 stable hands and qualified riders. 90 horses. Wines marketed: red: “Elements”, cuvée made from Callet, Manto Negro, Cabernet and Merlot; “N’Amarat”, cuvée from Callet, Manto Negro and Cabernet; “Twenty Twelve”, cuvée from Cabernet, Manto Negro, Callet, Merlot and Syrah. White: “Sa Fita”, marriage of Chardonnay, Prensal Blanc and Moscatel, and “Lo Cortinel·lo”, marriage of Chardonnay, Viognier, Giro Blanc. Luxury vacation bungalows are to

(bungalows to rent)

“N’Amarat” red wine has been on the market for a year. The unusual magnum bottle is as impressive as the wine itself – a jewel in every cellar.
Organically produced olive oils play a major role at Es Fangar, “Arbequina” (photo), “Picual” and “Flores de Oliva” are a delight to connoisseurs and gourmets.
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